syllabus for may 2023

May is a very important month to communists! May Day, Victory in Europe Day, Mothers Day and Memorial Day are all very dear to us Marxist-Leninists and we’ve got a pretty good outline ahead of us for this month!

First week, the 2nd and the 4th, will be a class on Victory in Europe Day, which will go over the Battle of Berlin, the defeat of Nazi Germany and Victory Day itself! We’ll also be featuring many videos of Victory Day parades, Soviet anti-fascist songs and a part of the 1970’s documentary series “The Unknown War.” Considering the rise of fascism in the world today, this class will be very relevant and we hope comrades find it inspiring for this century.

May 4th will also be the date of our May Staff Meeting of the PSMLS, where we meet with our staff members and take public feedback! Feel free to sit in, pitch ideas or give us constructive criticism. That will be at 8 pm EST, before the class that night.

The class for the second week of May, the 9th and 11th, is to be determined as it is currently “Open for Current Events”, so make sure to stay tuned to find out what we decide to go over!

The third week of May, the 16th and 18th, will be the start of a series of classes on “The History of US Imperialism,” starting with its origins. In this class, we’ll go over the development of American imperialism and the events of the late 1800’s and turn of the 20th century, including but not limited to the Guilded Age, Annexations of Islands, the Spanish-American War and more. This is going to be CRUCIAL for us Americans to learn as we need to thoroughly understand the history of this empire to be able to eventually bring it down.

Lastly, the final week of this month will have a class on The Paris Commune, the first socialist state in the world, and the vital lessons it gave the world communist movement and the legacy it left behind. After all, how could we teach of the USSR, PRC, DPRK, Cuba etc and not about the first socialist experiment? This will be a fantastic class and will be a great way to end off the month of May!

Then of course, it will be June and we’ll have much to cover from LGBT+ struggles to the Rosenbergs and more!