Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re updating the site and do not yet have access to a payment button at the moment. Please follow the link below to the PCUSA donations page, and put in the details box that you are donating to the Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies. Thank you for your patience!

We would love your donations to help with the operations of this school and the making of new content! If you’re donating to the PSMLS generally, put “General Donation to the PSMLS” in the details box.

We also have an ongoing legal drive for funds to our legal proceedings against wreckers. Last year we were attacked and sabotaged by wreckers that tried to steal the PSMLS and destroy the PCUSA. They failed, but they will be held accountable and there are still things they took from us that we’ve not got back, like videos, imagery and audio. That is why we still need donations to the legal drive. Put “For legal funds for the PSMLS” in the details box and try to donate on Tuesday or Thursday so it is easier for us to sort through. It will go to the legal fund. Anything helps!