We are Reposting Deleted Videos on Fascism in Ukraine

We at the PSMLS have of course had to rebuild our entire YouTube channel from scratch since August when menshevik wreckers stole our old YouTube channel. They deleted these videos from that channel before they deleted the entire channel’s worth of videos. In September, we salvaged our old material and reposted it. All of it that we had that was. Part of the reason we’re still in legal proceedings is because of this theft of our content. Luckily, however, we have recently found and reposted more videos that we had thought were lost.

The 1st is actually just a video we had done last year honoring American communists, including the PCUSA’s current General Secretary Angelo D’Angelo, with USSR anthem in the background. We’re proud of these comrades and stand by their legacy. We have posted that on our YouTube and Facebook.

The 1st video about Fascism in Ukraine is one we posted of a 2015 speech by Professor Barry Lituchy at the left forum. We’ve had him on more recently in 2022 to discuss the same subject, which you can also find on our YouTube. Very important education from Barry on this subject that will be critical in these times. Thank you Barry!

The 2nd video about Fascism in Ukraine and Ukraine history in general is by PCUSA member Kayla Popuchet in coordination with Midwestern Marx! This is a fantastic analysis of Ukraine from our Marxist-Leninist perspective. This video was notably deleted from the channel by wreckers before they even did their sabotage. We’re more than happy to repost it now. Thank you Kayla!

Furthermore, we’ve posted our first Overview of 1 Year of the War on Ukraine class on YouTube and this next week we’re finishing the class with the 2nd part covering events from the Nordstream bombing in September to where things stand today. We invite anyone to join our classes, which you can now easily do by going to our website and clicking “Join a Class or a Meeting.”