January 9th and 11th: History of U.S. Imperialism – Rise of American Unipolarity

This class is our next installment in this series on the history of U.S. imperialism. With the last class leaving us at the end of the Cold War and the counter-revolution in the Soviet Union, we will now cover the subsequent rise of American unipolarity. This class spans from 1991-2005. First we will address the counter-revolution in the USSR and counter-revolutions across the world at the beginning of the 1990’s, as well as US/NATO intervention in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia and more during the decade. The 2nd section will cover the September 11th terrorist attacks and the beginning of the so-called “War on Terror” with the launch of invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as expanded intervention abroad. Lastly we will address the domestic and trade issues of the time, such as NAFTA, the PATRIOT ACT, the Democratic Party change under Clinton and more. After this class are only 2 more: the next class will be History of U.S. Imperialism: Height of American Unipolarity, covering ~2005-2020, and the last class will be History of U.S. Imperialism: Fall of American Unipolarity, covering ~2020-Present Day. This class will be Tuesday, January 9th, from 8 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST and Thursday, January 11th, from 9 pm EST – 10:30 pm EST.

If you want to catch up with this series on the History of U.S. Imperialism, here are links to some of the previous classes on YouTube:

History of U.S. Imperialism: Origins

History of U.S. Imperialism: WW1

History of U.S. Imperialism: WW2

History of U.S. Imperialism: Height of the Cold War

NOTE: Beginning in February, classes will only be once a week on Tuesday at 8 pm EST. PCUSA members will have several options available to make-up this class if they miss it. This change is due to an observed overlap in attendance on both days, and allows us to have crucial meetings on Thursday that would otherwise be Thursday’s PSMLS.

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